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What is the SA8000 standard ?

SA8000 is a standard that specifies all demands of social responsibility which allows every organisation to keep and guarantee legally and legitimate terms of employment, both on interior level and the whole production chain : suppliers and submanufacturers, which assures the exclusive attraction of the standard to go over organisations barriers and this as the only bidder in its circle. The compliance validation of these so called standards leads to the obtaining of the SA8000 standard.

Article from the "Bedrijvig Limburg-Actif Limbourg" newspaper from the "Chambre of commerce" of Voka in november 2006

Who provides the SA8000 standard ?

SA8000 was set up in 1997 by SAI (Social Accountability International) which credibles personal agencies of a private audit and warrants the nominated businesses to the Standard.

What are the normative foundations ?

The SA8000 standard is deposited on the elementary agreements and principal recommendations of the International Labour Organisation and the universal declaration of humanrights and the following agreements on children rights of the United Nations :

  • Children labour
  • Forced labour
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Syndical freedom and the right on collective involvements
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary practices
  • Working hours
  • Wage
  • Management system

  • The 9 fundamental elements accord to each other. By different levels one is correspondent to the others. The management system presented by SA8000 encourages the approach of an auditlist, to obtain a valuable policy system of changes by connecting economical and social logic on long terme.